Monday, 7 January 2013

Lucky 13

 There were many wonderful highlights for me in 2012. This was the year in which I brought to the world my Flash! and Dreamy Jeannie acts which both went down a treat with audiences. Flash! is arguably my campest number to date, with gold gogo boot-clad highkicks and saving the world with the power of flashing nipple pasties. This comedic routine finally gave me the opportunity to use music by one of the greatest bands ever - Queen.
Photo by Lily Moss
2012 was also the year that I took up belly dance which I incorporated into the funny yet fiercely erotic Dreamy Jeannie. Belly dance has really struck a chord with me and it is the sex of the dance world - it is sensual and moves from slow and hypnotic to fast and wild. I’m continuing with belly dance classes which are a joy to attend. Maybe this time next year you’ll see me shaking my hips at a Turkish restaurant near you!

A great highlight of the year was the success of Club Chardonnay - a cabaret (produced by yours truly) and wine auction (curated by my good friend and wine supremo Kenrick Bush) which raised money for Alzheimer’s Society. As I thrive on diversity, I recruited a wide variety of talent for the show including classic and neo burlesque, live music, stand up comedy and contortion - something for everyone!
Photo by Peter Livingstone
Barelesque, the bi-annual sex and body positive show in aid of Albert Kennedy Trust, has been going from strength to strength and the Barelesque Minxes were thrilled when this saucy night was nominated for an Erotic Award! A super hot fourth Barelesque outing is currently in the pipeline for Spring 2013 so look out for announcements and teasing sneak previews.

Of course, 2012 was also the year that my website and blog were launched. The website was created by the incredibly talented code72 who brought to life a website that was distinctive, fun to navigate and, naturally, deliciously kitsch! The logo with the broken heart and cartoon Honey was the work of the amazing Simon Cottingham.    

2013 looks set to be an exciting year. Along with Barelesque, there will be new adventures with The Rebel Rebels and I’ll venture beyond the South East to bring my glitter and hip-swinging to Manchester in March! I’m also looking forward to constantly learning and setting myself new thrilling challenges and, most importantly, continuing to embrace the Joie de Vivre.

Wishing all my wonderful friends, colleagues and followers a goddamn spankingly sexy 2013. Be bold, be a maverick, listen to your instincts, love like you’ve never been hurt and whatever you do do it with passion Xxx
Photo by Andrew Armitage

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  1. You certainly had a busy year :-) I'm looking forward to seeing what you've got planned for 2013!